Anchor Your Kids With Us

Providing Quality Preschool and Child Care for 35 years in Colorado

Your Child's Future

Offering a quality preschool education designed to provide your child with tools to success in life.

We believe that the pre-school experience prepares children academically, emotionally, and socially for elementary school.

According to studies cited in Time magazine, children who attend a competent pre-kindergarten program see the effects 25 years later in the form of a higher income, and a greater chance of attending college.

Playing is Learning

We believe play is a vital element in a child’s learning experience. It is a medium for self-expression and helps develop their individual thinking processes. The giant fish tanks, portholes and a nautical themed décor, provide a dynamic setting for children to learn how to build their interpersonal skills.

Safe and Caring

Keeping children safe and secure is our number one priority!

We use security gates, sign in logs and family authorized lists to make sure your child is where they need to be, with whom they need to be safe and sound.

Each classroom and the playground have video cameras recording the day. There is a live feed projected in the Director’s office and in the foyer (where parents can view). We have the ability to replay the day’s events at any time.

Trained Staff

All Teachers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Drivers, and Infant Nursery staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions and must maintain certification.

All employees receive mandatory safety training when hired including: Child Safety and Play Ground Rules, Colorado Rules and Regulations, Child Discipline, and Hazardous Materials.

Each school has key employees trained and certified in administering medicines.




We have had an amazing year at LPL, including the awesome Summer Camp program, and intend to take our kids here every summer. My son's teacher is one of the best around. If you are looking for caring professionals to care for your child, in a safe environment, with daycare center hours and dependability, this is the place!

- Joe L


Events for Prospective Families

Discover what makes us different from other learning centers. We invite you and your family to meet our teachers and staff and learn more about our culture and philosophy at one of our locations.

Check here for events. We include all kinds of additional activities for your child and family throughout the year. We have Enrichment Activities designed to expose children to activities they might never experience otherwise. We have a number of Family Events that celebrate what’s best, FAMILY! We want to provide families the opportunity to celebrate free, fun time together. We also have activities to save you time, these are activities designed to promote child health and assist you with your schedule.